Corporate Filings LLC

Corporate Filings LLC operates as a national corporate services conglomerate. Our company’s main focus is comprised of acquiring, leasing, and utilizing intellectual properties (IPs) within the niche spaces of the incorporation and registered agent services industry. We specialize in digital trademark and brand use, as well as the utilization of the high-end contractors for corporate compliance, corporate filings, and registered agent services. With a vast array of IPs in our existing portfolio, Corporate Filings LLC maintains a unique and competitive position within an ever-growing market.

Professional Intangibles as Enterprise

At Corporate Filings LLC, we are constantly seeking market-altering and financially sound intangibles that make businesses better. With professional expertise and experience, Corporate Filings LLC strategically leverages its current IP holdings for the enhancement of existing businesses, while engaging in the acquisition of new and future IPs to add to our vibrant portfolio.

We focus on the acquisition and implementation of virtual assets and specialized IPs in the following areas:

Registered Agent Services
Every corporation or limited liability company is legally required to appoint a registered agent. Registered agent services serve as reliable contact notification systems that receive, accept, and track legal notifications and official mail. Our virtual assets and properties help grow and enhance businesses specializing in this industry.

Corporate Filings and Compliance
Companies which offer incorporation and business entity maintenance services provide entrepreneurs the ability to quickly and seamlessly start a new business venture. Our digital assets and intangibles can facilitate market growth and better way of doing business for these corporate service companies.  

New Acquisitions

As Corporate Filings LLC continues to grow, we look to improve upon our outstanding portfolio of business formation and intellectual properties. Currently, we are keenly interested in securing the rights and use of highly competitive URLs, websites, and other digital assets in the registered agent and corporate compliance sectors.

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